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     Our company is a switching power supply, power adapter development and production service unit. The company plays the role of providing technical service product solutions in the strategic positioning of the "power standardization solution" advocates, and builds the best power technology service brand in the power industry. Based on power adapter research and development, manufacturing, engineering construction, operation management, maintenance and repair services, we develop switching power supplies, power adapter related products, strengthen the back-end technical support system, and build a service provider that provides electronic solutions. Provide customers with one-stop overall technical services such as power adapter solution solution, installation, commissioning, maintenance, after-sales, etc., and undertake customer-defined power development, board, OEM and other services. Provide the most authoritative technical support and product guarantee for the follow-on service market of the electronics manufacturing industry.
    The main responsibilities include: responsible for the research and development, production, operation research, technical transformation and related technical support of the power adapter; responsible for formulating and improving the management system and safety, quality and technical specifications related to the power supply standard, and checking the supervision and execution.
    Our company has strong talents and technical strength, perfect staff skills training, the company relies on manufacturing base, R & D center, business department, set up three service centers. At present, it is responsible for the power solutions of 1,000 technology companies. It is estimated that by 2020, it will undertake the power solutions of tens of thousands of technology companies and continue to expand the scale of our company.
    Under the background of the full opening of China's WTO, our company has ushered in a rare opportunity for development. The company is also stepping up the training and introduction of talents, and building a power service team with strong sense of responsibility and high technical level. The company will develop and research power supply adapters, engineering construction, operation management, maintenance and repair as the basic business, carry out research and development of other power supply related products, strengthen the construction of back-end technical support system, and build a power technology service provider that provides electronic solutions to provide overall solutions. Strive to be the leader in the leading power service industry.
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