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Power supply manufacturers: how to form a laptop power adap

 Power supply manufacturers: how to form a laptop power adapter
The notebook computer is quickly integrated into people's daily life and work with its advantages of small size and convenience, powerful performance, and beautiful appearance, and the power adapter as its "lifeline" has become the focus of everyone. Weidayuan Technology is a professional power adapter manufacturer. Today I will analyze how the laptop power adapter is composed:
1. Switching transformer, one of the core components in switching power supply;
2. Inductive coil (also called choke coil), whose main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference;
3. Op amp IC (Integrated Circuit), an important part of protection circuit and voltage regulation;
4, rectifier bridge, the specification is D3SB, the role is to change 220V AC power to DC power;
5, fuse, the specification is 2.5A / 250V, when the current in the circuit is too large, the fuse will blow to protect other components;
6. Filter capacitor, with a specification of 180μF / 400V, is used to filter the AC ripple in DC power, making the circuit more reliable.
7. The high-power switch tube is one of the core components in the switch power supply. The switch power supply can work "on and off", and the switch tube is indispensable.
8, varistor, its function is when the external voltage is too high, the varistor resistance quickly becomes very small, the fuse in series with the varistor is blown, thereby protecting other circuits from being burnt out;
9. The secondary rectifier tube is used to change the low-voltage AC power into low-voltage DC power. In IBM's power adapters, the rectifier is often operated in parallel by two high powers to obtain a large current output;
10. Secondary filter capacitors with a specification of 820μF / 25V, two in total, which play a role in filtering the ripple in low-voltage DC power;
11, temperature probe, used to detect the internal temperature of the power adapter, when the temperature is higher than a certain set value (different brands of power adapters, the set temperature threshold is slightly different), the protection circuit will cut off the voltage Output to protect the adapter from damage; of course, in addition to the above components, there are adjustable potentiometers and other resistance-capacitance components on the circuit board.    

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