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Measure 5 important characteristics of power adapter

Measure 5 important characteristics of power adapter
The stability of the power adapter is mostly the same. It is based on the performance of items such as overcurrent protection, EMI radiation, voltage deviation, ripple suppression, cross load, timing, dynamic testing, etc., so as to determine whether the power adapter can be stable for a long time. run.
Depending on the environment, data performance will vary, and stability will not be the same. For example, the domestic mains voltage is 220V, and the mains voltages such as Japan, the United States, and Canada are 110V. The stability of the power adapter in these two cases is different. Weida source adapters are 100V-240V, used abroad Do n’t worry too much
Convenience is one of the main factors that everyone considers. The electronic product itself is gradually developing towards small and delicate for the sake of convenience. Naturally, the power adapter is the same. I believe no one will be willing to carry big guys with him. Convenience is based on the measurement, size and weight of the power adapter. The lighter weight will naturally be slightly higher.
3.Energy saving
Now we advocate green travel and save energy, I believe everyone can understand. The power adapter is mainly measured by the conversion efficiency. The original power conversion efficiency was only 60%. With the advancement and development of technology, it can generally reach more than 70%. The conversion efficiency of power adapters produced by manufacturers like Weidayuan can reach 80 % ~ 90%, our products are still very good compared to their counterparts.
Another is the no-load loss, which refers to the power loss of the power adapter when the electronic product is in standby. The loss rate varies depending on the materials inside the power adapter. Then everyone is better off unplugging the power adapter when not using electronic products to save energy.
4, durability
For all products except food, durability can be a measure. Due to the environment in which the power adapter is used, its durability is relatively important. In addition to normal use to connect the mains and electronic equipment, everyone often takes the power adapter. Some bumps are inevitable, and the wire will frequently be folded, which accelerates its aging speed and has a long service life. So high.
Because the power adapter does not have a unified interface standard, the products on the market can be said to be ever-changing in terms of interfaces. Our factory reminds you to carefully check when choosing to avoid purchasing errors.
Another is that power adapters usually have voltage floating values. Power adapters with similar voltages are compatible, as long as they do not exceed the maximum range of electronic products.     

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