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What is the circuit structure of a switching regulated power

What is the circuit structure of a switching regulated power supply? The circuit structure of the switching regulator power supply has various forms, as follows:
There are various circuit structures of the switching-type regulated power supply:
1. According to the driving mode, there are self-excitation and other excitation;
2. According to the working mode of the DC / DC converter: (1): single-ended forward and reverse, push-pull, half-bridge, full-bridge, etc .; (2): step-down, step-up, and step-up Buck type, etc .;
3. According to the circuit composition, there are resonance type and non-resonance type;
4. According to the control method: (1): Pulse width modulation (PWM) type; (2): Pulse frequency modulation (PFM) type; (3): PWM and PFM mixed type;
5. Divided according to whether the power supply is isolated and the feedback control signal coupling mode, there are isolated, non-isolated, transformer-coupled, photoelectric-coupled, etc .;
The combination of the above methods can constitute a variety of switching-type regulated power supplies. Therefore, designers need to effectively combine according to the characteristics of various methods to produce high-quality switching regulator power supplies that meet the needs.     

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