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WPOWER sales team launched a group building activity in Huiz

WPOWER sales team launched a group building activity in Huizhou
At the end of August 2019, the sales team of Shenzhen WPOWER Technology Co., Ltd., with the theme of “unity, cooperation and common growth”, expanded its group building activities and opened the Huizhou Shili Yintan Beach Villa Tourist Area. A piece of steel can be smelted into steel, or it can be cut and melted. Always a team, you can do nothing, you can achieve great cause! This group building is a set of outdoor experiential simulation training that promotes team growth and creates team vitality, enabling each employee to find a sense of belonging and strengthen the emotional communication between employees.
Country Garden Huizhou Shili Yintan is located in the East Asia Pojiao seaside tourist area of ​​Shenzhen. It is located in the Huiwan area and the Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen Bay and Dapeng Bay. It is one of the environmentally clean bays on the coastline of hundreds of kilometers in the eastern part of Guangdong Province. The establishment of this beach house is not only lacking in mountains and seas, but also tempering team awareness. The company's sales team came to visit the Huizhou Shili Yintan seaside resort villa area, sunny beach and return to nature. During the formation, the team also carried out sunbathing on the beach, swimming, walking along the coastal path, table tennis, billiards, barbecue and other activities, and experienced the unique beauty of the yacht, fishing, sunset, sunrise and fire. The feeling of watching the sea at a close distance is really great. It really faces the sea and the spring blossoms!
Everyone in this group building is very happy. Let us have no time and no chance to be together. We will gather together in Huizhou Shili Yintan. Not only will we feel the strength of the team, but also let our team have more confidence and increase the courage to overcome difficulties. Increased awareness and responsibility for participation in the collective. Provided a solid foundation for the company's business development!    

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