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How to maintenance of wooden furniture

As the saying goes: "an invigorating autumn climate", dry autumn weather is all have experience, people in the meticulous care of their skin, but also pay attention to the maintenance side of the furniture. Autumn air humidity relatively small, relatively dry interior, in fact, it is relatively easy to maintenance. This, experts spending 6 strokes and maintenance methods.

To avoid direct sunlight. Although autumn no violent summer sunshine, but long time sun plus original dry climate, the wood is too dry, easy to crack and local fade.

To prevent the dust. The general use of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut production relatively high-grade wood furniture are beautifully carved decorative, such as not regularly clean ash, ash affects the appearance is easy to accumulate in small gaps, and the dust is lets the wooden furniture rapid "old" killer.

To keep the moisture. Wooden furniture moisture not to provide by the water, that is to say the light with damp dishcloth wipe simply can not, but it should be the choice of furniture care professional essential oils, it contains easily collect natural orange oil woody fiber absorption, can lock the moisture in the wood, the wood dry to prevent deformation, also nourish wood, from inside to make wood furniture replay, prolong the service life of furniture.

- avoid scratch hard objects. When cleaning don't make cleaning tools reach furniture. Usually also pay attention, do not let the hard metal products or other sharp object collision furniture, in order to protect the surface appears not Yingshang traces and hanging wire and so on.

- should not be placed in very humid place, lest meet wet wood, a long time easy to rot, drawer pull not open.

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